Sep 24

How Will The Future energy Look Out?

Apr 07

Ways to Effectively Conserve Energy in the Household

We can create a more sustainable, cleaner and safer world by making wiser energy choices.

–Robert Alan Silverstein

Create a few tiny changes to the way you use energy around the house and you’ll be surprised the next time you see your electricity bill.

Here are a few energy-saving tips you can apply to your very own home.

Around the house

Around the house

  • Wrap heating and cooling ducts using a duct wrap.
  • Place weather strips around your doors and windows.
  • Clean the filters of your heater and air conditioner regularly.
  • Use energy efficient lighting and fixtures, such as compact fluorescent bulbs and LEDs.
  • Keep your hot water cylinder at the minimum recommended storage temperature (which is 60 degrees).
  • Use timers and thermostats. Timers help control space heating while thermostats help control water heating.
  • Seal up cracks or gaps on external walls, floors and windows to keep the heat inside on winter days and the hot air out during summer.
  • Insulate the ceilings with a minimum of R3.5 batts. Ceiling insulation contributes up to 7 degrees warmer
  • during the cold months and 10 degrees cooler in the hot months.

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Feb 16

How To Save Money On Petrol For Your Shuttle Service

Running a shuttle service involves high running costs. This drives up the prices you have to charge and reduces your profit margins. As a business owner, you have to come up with new and intelligent ways of saving money on the cost of fuel. We provide you with a few tips on how you can save money on the cost of running your shuttle service.

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Feb 12

Power Tools And The Environment – What You Need To Consider

The environment is always a consideration with anything in the 21st century. Power tools are no exception. There are environmental concerns surrounding power tools and the disposing of them. We explore some of the ways you can go green with your power tools and the way you use them.

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Feb 08

5 Signs That You’re A Total Go-Green Enthusiast

The bad news is that almost every single thing that we do on a daily basis has an impact on the environment and the planet in the general. The good news is that the control lies in your hand, and you do possess the power to monitor your choices and start making a positive impact instead. Following are 5 signs that you’ve already started doing to your bit towards going green and saving the planet.

You decorate your home with recycled art


Are you one of those persons who hate splurging on fancy commercial and expensive lampshades and wall-hangings available in the market? Would you rather take happiness in adorning your walls and home with something recycled and hand-made instead? If yes, you’re hands down a green person at heart.  You gather all the possible junk and waste material from your home, only to come up with some brilliant home décor items such as wind chimes, table mats, coasters, wall hangings, pencil holders, baskets, and more.  At times, your creativity goes a level higher; as you go on to create more innovative gems such as tin flower pots, indoor herb gardens using plastic bottles cut into half, notepads from leftover notebook pages, and what not. As far as recycling is concerned, for you, the possibilities are literally endless,

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